3 Year Warranty
Dice, Chop and Mince in Seconds

Cut Recipe Prep in Half With the Slap Chop

If you want to chop as fast as a chef, here's the key.

• Slice & peel garlic in 4 seconds

• Chop nuts -- much safer than using a knife

• Pops open in a second & is dishwasher safe

• Made durably and backed by a 3 year warranty



Awesome, it looks great! And so easy to do! Great product, and I recommend it for
anyone in the kitchen!

- Kristin

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Slap Chop - it was a success. I'm very happy with it and will be using it"
- Jack Scalfani (TheBestSauces.com)

  • • SlapChop easily pops open like a butterfly for easy access to clean
  • • You never need to switch blades
  • • Chop up vegetables, nuts, & fruits -- all quickly and easily!
  • • With every slap, the finer the food gets
  • • Comes with a 3 year warranty -- proof that it's long lasting